beetroot halwa.

Halwas are rich,creamy sweets made from flours,fruits,vegetables with nuts and raisins.For me,Halwa is a must sweet for celebration.I make them for every special occasions at home and for festivals.I love making halwas with fruits and vegetable than with flours for they add extra taste and texture to the sweet.
Lets make some Beetroot Halwa ,a bright red colored delicious sweet without any  artificial coloring .Very easy to make Halwa with just three steps.If someone is kind enough to do the grating part then its gonna be very very simple for you:) .


2 cups (grated) beetroot

1 cup sugar

2 cups milk

3 cashews

3 cardamoms

3 pistachios( optional)

3 almonds( optional)


Heat 1 tbsp of ghee in a pan add beetroots and saute for a min,then add the milk and boil on medium flame until the milk evaporates and the beetroots become soft and cooked .


Meanwhile in another pan heat the remaining ghee,roast the nuts,cardamom and keep it aside.

roasted nuts

Now add the sugar and stir to mix them well.Cook on medium flame for 5 mins .


The sugar will leave some water and starts to thicken.

halwa thickens

Once the sugar blends with the beetroots, add the nuts and cardamom.Switch off the flame.

add nuts

Yummy Beetroot Halwa is ready to serve.Serve them warm or chilled.

beetroot halwa


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