Sheela fish kulambu / Meen kulambu

fish kulambu

Fish kulambu or Meen kulambu is a traditional South Indian fish curry cooked in tamarind gravy.Fish kulambu is usually made in a clay or earthen pot to enhance the flavour.I have posted here a pure Virudhunagar  Fish Kulambu recipe from my native place using sheela fish also known as Barracuda fish in english .A very simple Fish Kulambu recipe but tastes so good with hot steamed rice with a tsp of sesame oil.


8 -10 pieces barracuda fish

2 gooseberry sized tamarind

1 tsp turmeric powder

5 tsp chilli powder ( or ) 10 dried red chillies( ground to smooth paste)

3 tbsp sesame oil

Salt to taste


8 shallots

1 1/2 tsp cumin powder


Soak the tamarind in 1 1 /2 cups of water for half an hour and extract the juice.Heat the earthen pot,add tamarind juice and gingelly oil in medium flame .                                                                                                                                                                                             fish kulambu

Add red chilli paste

fish fry

Add the grinded mixture of small onions and cumin powder,then add turmeric powder,salt and let it boil in medium flame.
fish kulambu

Let it boil until the raw smell of tamarind and onions goes off.When the gravy becomes thick add the fish pieces one by one and simmer the flame for 6-8 mins.                                                                                                                                                                                       fish kulambu

See that they are cooked on both sides and switch off the flame when oil separates.

fish kulambu

Fish kulambu/Meen Kulambu is ready to serve.Serve them hot with steamed rice.

fish kulambu



Making fish kulambu in earthen pot will definitely enhance the flavour and aroma.

Use only gingelly oil/sesame oil for  fish kulambu.

Red chilli paste gives a bright red color  and also adds taste to the kulambu.

You can use any other fish of your choice also.

Add the fish pieces to the tamarind gravy when they become really thick because after adding the fish it leaves out little water.


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