Poori is a very popular Indian breakfast recipe.It is made from wheat flour or all purpose flour(maida).Poori is mostly served with potato masala,kurma and channa masala.Here i have posted a basic method of making pooris with simple steps following pictures.


1 cup Wheat flour
2 tsp melted oil or ghee
Salt to taste
Oil for frying
Water as required


Add salt,water,oil/ghee to the flour to make a soft smooth dough.The dough should be little stiff compared to chappathi dough so that pooris dont absorb excess oil.


Divide the dough into small parts and make small balls out of it.


Apply little oil on the rolling surface and roll out pooris of medium thickness.


Heat oil in a kadai.To make pooris the oil should have the right temperature.Just drop a small piece of dough ,when it comes to the surface immediately then it is the right temperature.If the oil is too hot the pooris gets burnt immediately.

Drop the pooris one at a time.Press them slightly without much pressure from your hands which helps the poori to puff well.Turn the poori to the other side and remove from oil when cooked.Drain the excess oil.

poori in oil

Serve the Pooris hot with Potato Masala.



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