Rasmalai recipe


Rasmalai is a rich classic Bengali dessert prepared using Chena/Paneer and flavoured creamy milk.Home made Rasmalai are soft compared to the store bought ones.Preparing the creamy milk takes more than an hour.All we need is little patience before we start making them at home.


Homemade Chena made from 1 litre of milk.
1 tsp Semolina/Rava


2 cups sugar
3 cups water
2 Cardamoms


1 litre full fat milk
3 tbsp sugar
2 cardamom
5 thinly sliced pistacios
5 thinly sliced almomds
A pinch of saffron (dissolved in 1tbsp of milk)


Knead the chena with a tsp of semolina to make a soft ,smooth dough without any lumps.
add rava
Make small balls out of the chena dough and then flatten them to make chena patties.
make small flat balls
flat balls
In a pressure cooker add the sugar,cardamom in water and bring to boil.Let it boil in medium flame for 10 mins.Add the chena patties to the sugar syrup.Pressure cook for 7 mins in medium flame.
sugar syrup
Boil the milk in a heavy bottomed pan till it reduces to half its quantity and a creamy milk is formed.Stir occasionally so that the milk does not get burnt.This process takes a very long time.Add the sugar ,cardamom and the saffron milk to this creamy thick milk.
add saffron
When the pressure is released ,open the lid and gently squeeze the patties to remove the syrup and drop into the creamy flavoured milk.
add to milk
Rasmalai is ready to serve now.Garnish the Rasmalai with the sliced nuts,saffron and serve them chilled.

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  1. Hi Swapna Yum Sweet Deserts!!!! 🙂 By showing the process of making it simple, worth trying hands on it. Keep sharing and tempting! 😀

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