Homemade paneer

Paneer(cottage cheese) is quite easy to make at home.Paneer is a good source of calcium and protein.It is used in many Indian recipes for desserts,gravies,pulaos and many more.


1 litre full fat milk

3 tbsp lemon juice


Bring the milk to boil in a heavy bottomed vessel.Turn off the heat,after 5 mins add the lemon juice and stir well.Leave this for 5 mins.


The milk starts to curdle and the greenish whey separates from it.


Strain the mixture through the muslin cloth in a strainer.Wash the curdled milk with water to remove the sourness of lemon.

wash under water

Wrap the cloth and gently squeeze to remove the water from the curdled milk.Wrap the cloth tightly and let it hang for 30 minutes.

liquid drains

Now place this on a flat surface like a dosa tawa with something heavy on top of the cloth to give them good pressure.Let it stay for an hour.I used a dosa tawa,a roti board and a pot filled with water to give pressure.

an hour

Open the cloth and the paneer block is ready now.

paneer block

Cut them to your desired shapes and sizes.

cut them

paneer cubes

Homemade paneer is ready and you can use them to make your favourite dishes and desserts.


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