Karupatti Idiyappam/Palm sugar Idiyappam


Karupatti Idiyappam is another traditional breakkfast recipe from my native place(Virudhunagar).Karupatti idiyappam is very good for health as they are steamed.No oil or sugar is added to this,sugar is substituted with palm sugar.Palm sugar has more nutritional benefits and also a good source of iron and zinc.

Click here for karupatti Aapam recipe.


1 cup Idiyappam flour

250 g palmsugar

Water as required


Break the palm sugar into pieces,add one and half a cup of water and bring to boil.Let it boil for 7 mins on medium flame until the palm sugar is completely dissolved and a thick syrup is obtained.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg1

Strain the syrup through a stainless stell filter and discard the residue.

palm sugar

Add this hot palm sugar syrup to the rice flour.Mix them to form a soft dough.Do not add salt to the flour.

mixed dough

We need an Idiyappam maker /sevai nazhi to make Idiyappams.

idiyappam maker

Fill the Idiyappam maker with the prepared dough.Grease the idly plates with oil or ghee.As my plates have holes,i have covered it with a damp cloth.Now press the maker to squeeze out the dough in a circular pattern to produce long string like structures.

using pazha

Cook the Idiyappams in an Idly cooker for 8-10 mins. Karupatti Idiyappam is ready to serve now.Serve them hot with coconut milk and grated coconut.



Alter the amount of palm sugar according to your desired sweetness.

Prepare the dough with hot palm sugar syrup else it would be very difficult to press the Idiyappam maker to squeeze out the dough Let the dough be soft to get long strings like structures.


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