Semiya Kesari

vermicelli kesari.

kesari is the most easiest and simplest sweet recipe that can be prepared in few minutes even for a group of people.For any special occasion,along with other sweets i do make some kesari for it had become part of my tradition.The most important thing to take care of while making kesari is the quantity of water to be added.There are so many varieties of kesari like Poha kesari,Fruit kesari,Rava kesari,Semiya kesari etc.Lets make this Semiya kesari with simple steps following step wise pictures.


1 cup semiya / roasted vermicelli
1/2 cup sugar
1 1/4 cup water
3 cardamom
7 cashews
5 dried grapes(optional)
2 tbsp ghee
A generous pinch of yellow or orange food colour


Heat ghee in a pan,add the cashews and roast till they orange in colour on low flame.Then add the cardamom,dried grapes and roast for 30 secs on low flame.Transfer to another bowl and keep it aside.

roasted nuts

Meanwhile boil one and half cup of water in a separate vessel.Take a cup of vermicelli in a pan,now add the boiling water directly to the vermicelli also add the food colour now.Keep it on low flame.

add water

Close the pan with a lid for 5-8 mins on low flame until the vermicelli is cooked well.

close with a lid

The vermicelli will be completely cooked now without any water.

cooked semiya

Now add the sugar,as the sugar will leave some water let it stay on low flame for 5-8 mins.

add sugar

Switch off the flame.Add the roasted nuts,cardamom and dried grapes along with ghee.Mix them evenly.

add nuts

Always remember to switch off the flame while the kesari is little watery in cocnsistency for they will become thick later while serving.

little watery consistency

Completely cooked and ready to serve.

kesari ready

Serve this sweet ,lovely coloured kesari to your lovely family members or friends.



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