Makkan peda

Makkan Peda is a famous sweet of Arcot,a small town of Vellore city (Tamilnadu).Arcot is a place where one can see numerous sweet stalls and The Chettiyar sweet stall is the most famous and oldest of all.Makkan Peda is being prepared here for generations.It was introduced to the people of Arcot by the Arcot Nawabs. … Continue reading Makkan peda


kaju katli/Cashew burfi

Kaju Khatli / Cashew burfi is an Indian sweet prepared using cashewnuts.Almost every ¬†would love to have this sweet especially for its richness and fudgy texture . Many say that it is very difficult to make Khaju khatli at home.But trust me this is one of the most easiest sweet that could be made even … Continue reading kaju katli/Cashew burfi

Lemon Sevai / Lemon Idiyappam

Lemon Sevai / Lemon Idiyappam is a quick food that can be made in no time .But the making of Sevai/Idiyappam takes time and needs lot of patience.Sevai varieties can also be prepared using instant sevai(rice noodles) available in the stores. Lemon Sevai is such a tangy,lemony Sevai with simple tempering that brings out such … Continue reading Lemon Sevai / Lemon Idiyappam

Sirukeerai kootu

I love to have Keerai/Greens the whole day for all three meals,they are my favorites.Keerai is a easy and simple to cook food.They are highly nutritious and delicious to taste. Keerai kootu can be prepared with any greens of our choice.All kootu varities are basically prepared with dhall and coconut which makes them more nutritious … Continue reading Sirukeerai kootu

Broccoli paratha

The health benefits of Broccoli are very extensive.It is packed with dozens of nutrients,also has therapeutic properties.Broocoli is very easy to incorporate into any dishes like soups,salads,curries and many more. I have made parathas with broccoli using some left over wheat dough.You can also use multigrain atta or maida to make these parathas.This healthy,delicious paratha … Continue reading Broccoli paratha

kathirikai kootu / Brinjal kootu

Brinjals or Egg plant is used in the cuisines of many countries.It is widely used in Indian cuisines to make Sambar.The seeds and the skin are edible along with rest of the vegetable. I have made Kathirikai kootu / Brinjal kootu with these white brinjals from my native place (Virudhunagar).These white brinjals are very rare … Continue reading kathirikai kootu / Brinjal kootu