Sepang Kilangu fry

sepang kilanghu fry

Sepang Kilangu fry is my all time favorite one.But,I dont make them that often for they are deep fried.I have added two items garlic and fennel seeds which brings out such good flavour and aroma out of them.Once you start making them you can see your house filled with a nice tempting smell.
The most important thing is to buy them 7-10 days prior you would make them.Do try this yummiest fry at home and you cannot resist yourself from making them often.A must try fry!



10 sepang kilangu / taro root

4-6 cloves of garlic with skin

1 tsp fennel seeds

1 tsp chilli powder

1/4 tsp turmeric powder

Oil for frying

Salt to taste


Parboil the Sepang kilangu in a pan with water approximately for 10-15 mins and let it cool.

boiling water

Once cooked remove the skin,cut them to round pieces and arrange in a tray or plate without sticking to one another.Keep them in a place where you will have direct sunlight and let it stay for an hour.

cut and dry them

After an hour,deep fry them in oil on low flame until they turn golden brown.Do not get tempted to increase the flame.Drain the excess oil using a kitchen paper.

fry them

Using a mixer,just pulse the garlic cloves and fennel seeds together for 3 seconds.Keep it aside.

garlic & fennel

In another kadai or pan,add 2 tsp oil and add the crushed garlic and fennel seeds mixture.Saute for a minute on low flame.

masalas in oil

Now add the fried Sepang Kilangu,turmeric powder,chilli powder,salt and mix them well for 2 minutes on low flame.Switch off the flame.

mix well

Sepang Kilangu fry is ready to serve now.

taro root fry


Do not over boil the Sepang kilangu then you will find very difficult to cut and fry them.

Do not use fresh ones.Either ask for old Sepang kilangu from your market place or you store them for 10 days at home before you would make them.

New Sepang Kilangu will cause allergy in your mouth and throat while having them.

Deep fry them on low flame which gives you crispy fries.


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