kaju katli/Cashew burfi

kaju katli,

Kaju Khatli / Cashew burfi is an Indian sweet prepared using cashewnuts.Almost every  would love to have this sweet especially for its richness and fudgy texture .
Many say that it is very difficult to make Khaju khatli at home.But trust me this is one of the most easiest sweet that could be made even in huge batches for festivals like Diwali,New year etc.So that we could share them with family,friends and neighbors.
You need not prepare any sugar syrup or form one string consistency .All we need to do is mix all the ingredients and cook on low flame for 10-15 mins.That’s it,the Kaju khatli is done .
There is no chance for this sweet to go wrong,just follow these steps and I’m sure you will get perfect Khaju Khatli at home.



YIELDS : 20 -25


First measure then powder

1 cup cashews

3/4 cup sugar

2 tsp ghee

2 -3 tbsp milk


Bring the cashews to room temperature.Powder the cashews and sugar separately to fine powder and keep it aside.

powder cashews

powder sugar

Heat a non stick pan,add the powdered cashews,sugar, milk ,a tsp of ghee amd mix them well.Bring this to boil on medium flame.

add ghee

add milk

When it boils ,reduce to low flame and stir continuously.This is to avoid lump formation and to prevent from getting burnt.


Keep stirring until the mixture thickens,leaves the sides,forms a ball and moves tight with the spatula.Its time to switch off the flame.

leaves the vessel

Lets check the consistency by adding a small piece of the cashew mixture to a bowl of water.Roll it between your fingers,if it forms a non sticky ball then the consistency is perfect.

Grease a board or a plate with a tsp of ghee.Transfer the cashew burfi to the greased plate/board.Spread them gently and evenly with a greased flat surface like a spatula,bowl or a plate

grease the board

After 5 mins start making diagonal shapes out of them to form perfect Khaju Khatli.

cut them

burfis ready

Rich,fudgy Khaju Khatli is ready to serve.

cashew burfi


If the sweet is difficult to shape,then keep them again on low flame for 3 mins.

Do not get tempted to increase the flame.Let it be on low flame throughout the making.


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