Apple Lemonade

Apple lemonade ,a refreshing drink with double fruit flavour.Both apple and lemon are known for their health benefits and the combination of both goes really well.Make this simple Apple lemonade at home and do not consume the store bought juices as they are high in sugar and preservatives. Best energizing summer drink that keeps you … Continue reading Apple Lemonade


Veg omelette / Eggless omelette

Can anyone make an omelette when you run out of eggs? Ofcourse,you can all you need is some gram flour(chickpea flour).These Veg omelette is as fluffy as the egg omelette.A very easy and quick omelette that can be served as an evening snack for the kids with some green chutney or tomato ketchup. There are … Continue reading Veg omelette / Eggless omelette

Karupatti kozhukattai

Kozhukattais are healthy steamed food made using rice flour without any oil.I have posted a sweet version of Kozhukattai recipe today using karupatti (palm sugar) thus making it more healthy without the addition of white sugar.The health benefits of palm sugar are extensive,it helps to prevent diabetes and weight gain.So,it is always good to switch … Continue reading Karupatti kozhukattai

Manathakkali kai kulambu

Manathakkali kai are tiny berries that are green in colour and turns black when ripe.It is known as Black nightshade in English.They are bitter to taste but has high niutritive values also used in treating ulcers. As these berries does wonders to people they are also know as' Wonder cherry'. Mankthakkali is widely used in … Continue reading Manathakkali kai kulambu

Jackfruit seed curry / Palakottai poriyal

As Jackfruits are bigger in size so are their seeds.We all love to eat this fruit but throw away its seeds without knowing its nutritive value.They are rich in proteins. The Jackfruit seeds are edible and are used to make various delicious dishes.The Jackfruit seeds are fire roasted then seasoned with salt,pepper or chilli powder … Continue reading Jackfruit seed curry / Palakottai poriyal