Chakka Pradhaman /Jackfruit Payasam

jackfruit payasam

Chakka Pradhaman / Jackfruit payasam is a traditional payasam of Kerala prepared using jackfruits.Various food items are made from jackfruits like jams,payasam,juices,chips,candies and many more.Even the seeds of jackfruits are edible and used to make sambar and many delicious curries.
I tasted this payasam for the first time in Alapuzha and could still remember that delicious taste.Very healthy payasam as it uses jaggery instead of white sugar.So,we need not worry about the empty calories from sugar.Lets make this healthy payasam at home and enjoy it without any guilt.


8 – 10 jackfruits pieces

300 grams jaggery ( dissolve in 1 cup water)

1 cup coconut milk ( from half coconut )

3 cardamoms

2 tbsp ghee

8 cashews

5 raisins

1 piece of jackfruit ( chopped )





Wash and clean the jackfruits well.Remove the seeds and pressure cook the jackfruits for a whistle.Make it a fine paste using a mixer.
Heat ghee in a pan,add cashews and roast until it becomes mild orange in colour.Then add the raisins,cardamoms ,jackfruit pieces and roast for 2 mins on low flame.Keep it aside.

cook for a whistle

Dissolve the jaggery in a cup of water,strain it through a filter and transfer it to a pan.
Add the jackfruit pulp to the jaggery and let it boil on high flame.When it boils reduce to medium flame and cook for 10 -12 mins.

jaggery syrup

Finally add the coconut milk and let it boil on medium flame for 5 mins.Stir repeatedly so that the coconut milk does not curdle.Switch off the flame ,add the roasted cashews and raisins.

add the coconut milk

Serve the Delicious Chakka Pradhaman / Jackfruit Payasam warm.

chakka pradhaman


Do not replace the coconut milk with dairy milk because it will spoil the taste.

You can omit the addition of chopped jackfruit pieces.

You can also add some grated coconut or thinly sliced coconut pieces in the ghee for the payasam.


13 thoughts on “Chakka Pradhaman /Jackfruit Payasam

  1. Swapna….I was pleasantly surprised to read this post today. Being a Keralite, payasams are the most popular desserts for us. Unfortunately I am not a payasam fan at all, but the post brought back a lot of good old memories for me. And jackfruit seeds are one of my favorite things ever…specially stir fried seeds.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks ,Vanilla….I love all kerala food especially for the addition of coconuts…and I ‘m a big fan of your cake recipes too…Being an illiterate in baking,I always admire your recipes…I shud get a chance to taste your cakes atleast once…..


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