Veg omelette / Eggless omelette

veg omelette

Can anyone make an omelette when you run out of eggs? Ofcourse,you can all you need is some gram flour(chickpea flour).These Veg omelette is as fluffy as the egg omelette.A very easy and quick omelette that can be served as an evening snack for the kids with some green chutney or tomato ketchup.
There are different ways you can top the veg omelette.You may add some herbs,sprinkle some cheese and can also top with some freshly chopped coriander leaves.So there are lot of variations that we could bring on this simple veg omelette.
Prepare this Veg omelette for a change over the regular egg omelette.




veg omelette.


1/3 cup Gram flour / Chickpea flour / besan flour

1/3 cup water

1/4 onions chopped

1 tsp chopped tomato

1/2 green chilly chopped

1/4 tsp red chilly powder

1 tsp oil

Few chopped coriander leaves

Pepper to taste

Salt to taste


In a small bowl mix the gram flour with water.Then add the onions,tomatoes,green chillies,red chilly powder,coriander leaves,salt and whisk them well.

mix besan flour with other ingredients

Heat a tawa and pour this whisked mixture.Spread it as thin as possible without any tear.

In hot dosa tawa

Drizzle some oil and sprinkle some pepper.Flip the omelette to the other side and let it cook well on both the sides.This would take 5 mins.

add pepper

Fluffy Veg Omelette ready to serve.



Adding a pinch of baking soda makes the omelette more fluffy.

Add a tsp of butter while whisking to make the omelette soft.

This omelette takes more time to get cooked than the egg omelette.

Spread the mixture on the tawa as thin as possible for they become thick once cooked.


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