Apple Lemonade

apple lemonade.

Apple lemonade ,a refreshing drink with double fruit flavour.Both apple and lemon are known for their health benefits and the combination of both goes really well.Make this simple Apple lemonade at home and do not consume the store bought juices as they are high in sugar and preservatives.
Best energizing summer drink that keeps you hydrated throughout the day.




apple lemonade


1/2 apple (peeled & chopped)

Juice from half a lemon

1 cup water

2 tsp sugar


In a blender add the chopped apples,sugar and blend for 10 sec on low speed.Now add 1/2 a cup of water and blend on low speed for 30 secs.

blend with sugar ,water..

Filter the juice through a strainer,add the lemon juice,the remaining water and mix them well.

add lime

Serve over ice cubes,lemon slices,chopped cherries or few mint leaves for an attractive garnish.

apple lemonade


23 thoughts on “Apple Lemonade

  1. Your apple lemonade has no lemon in it. Is it apple limeade or do you mean apple lemonade or doesn’t it make any difference.
    Are you putting in a half a citrus with the peel and pith, or are you peeling it before adding to the blender?
    Was afraid the pith might make it too bitter.
    Thanks for posting. So easy and so thirst quenching in hot weather.


    1. Thanks for spotting out the error…what I have added is lemon only,here in my place we say lime for both lime and lemon…So made a mistake while typing..I have added only the juice and not the pith….


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