Rava laddu / Rava ladoo

rava laddu

Rava Laddu is an easy,simple sweet made with rava ( semolina ).A traditional sweet recipe prepared for Diwali and specially for Krishna Jayanthi.This sweet does not take much time to prepare except the roasting of rava.Also this sweet recipe does not require any cooking or making sugar syrup but only roasting the rava,nuts and raisins is needed.
You dont have to be a wiz in cooking to make this sweet for they can be made in a jiffy.Even newbie cooks can make this Rava laddu recipe for any special occasions at home.




rava laddu.


1 cup rava / semolina / suji

1 cup powdered sugar

1/2 cup grated coconut

Few spoons of warm milk

A generous pinch of cardamom powder

10 cashews ( broken to small pieces )

8 raisins

4 tsp ghee


Powder the sugar finely and keep it aside.

powder the sugar

Roast the rava for 15-20 mins in a pan until they turn mild orange in color on low flame. Roast the nuts and raisins in a separate pan in ghee on low flame.

roast rava & nuts,raisins

Add the grated coconut and rava to the roasted nuts.Let the flame be on low.

add grated coconut

Then add the powdered sudar ,cardamom powder and mix them well.Switch off the flame now.

add powdered sugar & mix well

Now add the warm milk just few spoons will be enough.Add milk very little by little just sprinkling will be enough too.Then make small balls out of the mixture and let it to dry.

add warm milk and make balls

Delicious Rava Laddu are ready now.

rava laddu..,


Roast the rava on low flame,do not let them get burnt.

Be careful while adding milk because too much milk will make the rava laddu soggy.

Before adding the milk make sure the roasted mixture is hot and then add the milk.If the mixture is hot it helps in binding them together and easy for you to make the laddus.

While making laddus give good pressure to bind them together and let it set for 30 mins.


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