Rava Idly

rava idly..

Rava Idly a South Indian cuisine made using sooji/semolina/rava.An instant Idly that does not require any fermentation .Whenever I run out of rice idly batter and have some leftover curds I immediately make these Rava Idly for breakfast or dinner.
There are so many Instant Rava Idly mix available at the stores but the ones made at home using curd and quality rava yields super soft and fluffy Idlies.

rava idly..,



YIELDS : 6-8


1 cup rava/sooji

1/2 cup thick curd

1/2 cup water (plus or minus few tbsps)

1 tbsp finely chopped coriander leaves

1 green chilly finely chopped

1/4 tsp turmeric powder(optional)

1 tsp eno salt

2 tsp ghee for tempering

A sprig of curry leaves finely chopped

An inch of grated ginger

A generous pinch of hing

Salt to taste


1/2 tsp mustard seeds

1/2 tsp urad dhal

1 tsp channa dhal

8 cashews broken to small pieces



Roast the rava on low flame for 12-15 mins.Do not let it get burnt.Transfer the roasted rava to a large mixing bowl.
Heat ghee in a pan add the items under ‘to temper’ column and roast until the cashews turn orange in color.
Add the tempered items to the roasted rava.

roast rava

Add 1/2 cup thick curd,coriander leaves,curry leaves.green chillies,hing,turmeric powder,salt and mix well

add curd,ingredients

Add water little by little until the dosa batter consistency is obtained.Add the eno salt now and mix well.

add eno

Small bubbles starts to appear now,mix well and pou the rava idly batter into the idly trays.Steam for 12-15 mins.

rava idly ready,

Serve the soft,fluffy Rava Idly with Kara chutney,Green chutney,Karuveppillai chutney,Poondu chutney or Tomato chutney.
I love Rava Idly with any spicy chutney and a cup of fresh fruit juices or just lassi.

rava idli


You can add a generous pinch of baking soda instead of eno salt.

For a variation you can also add grated coconut,grated carrots or peas to the batter before steaming.

I did not add turmeric powder here in this recipe.


15 thoughts on “Rava Idly

  1. Ohh my God,I always eat Idly sambhar,,but your idlies are too much different & attractive,I think that one can eat them without sambhar!!
    Nice!! But because of these super delicious photographs,I cant control my hunger now!!!

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      1. Now ask me,who are most lucky in this world?
        Your husband & children(if you have) are most lucky that they got these kind of food from morning to night for unlimited years plan & free also!!!!! haha!

        Liked by 1 person

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