Carrot juice (with Almond and Honey)

Carrots are highly nutritious that contains beta-carotene,vitamins and minerals. Carrots are used in many forms they are cooked,juiced and eaten raw. Almonds and Honey when juiced with carrots enhances the flavour,taste and also the nutritional benefits.Almomds helps in weight loss and Honey is substituted for sugar thus reducing the intake of empty calories. Such a … Continue reading Carrot juice (with Almond and Honey)


Mushroom Peas Kurma

Mushroom Peas kurma is a rich creamy gravy made with coconut milk and could be served with roti or rice.Peas is one such vegetable that goes well with any vegetable,rice,paneer,mushroom and also in making non-veg dishes.Thus Peas makes a wonderful combo and brings out such great taste. This kurma recipe is so simple to make … Continue reading Mushroom Peas Kurma

Sprouted Green gram salad

Sprouted legumes are an excellent source of protein,fiber and vitamins,they provide us with complete nutrition.During this sprouting there is an increase in nutrients than the dried beans. Sprouted legumes are extremely inexpensive method of obtaining all the essential nutrients and enzymes.They are highly beneficial food for weight loss too. Salads are very healthy foods.When these … Continue reading Sprouted Green gram salad

Pesarattu Dosai

Pesarattu Dosai or Green gram Dosai is a popular breakfast recipe of Andhra pradesh.A spicy dosai that goes well with only spicy chutney.Today I have made it more spicy by stuffing with some sauteed onions mixed with red chilly powder.Some use raw onions and coriander leaves instead of sauteed onions.Also they are served with upma … Continue reading Pesarattu Dosai