Sweet Lassi


Lassi is a traditional summer drink from the state of Punjab.A cooling and refreshing drink that one could rely on for summer.Lassies are very easy to make at home,the only thing to take care of is the making of curd.The curd that we use for lassi should be thick and sweet.
Sweet Lassi does bring me some good old memories of my school days.There was a small shop in Parry’s corner (Chennai) near St.Antony’s church where they serve chilled lassi with crushed pistachio and rose essence. After school we just run to this shop every friday for this refreshing drink which is the best way to indulge for summer in Chennai.
Such a delicious and cool easy drink to make at home.





2 cups thick curd (chilled)

2-3 tbsp sugar

1 cardamom


2 tsp rose essence (optional)

2 crushed pistachio (optional)


Add curd,cardamom and sugar in a blender and blend for 30 secs using whipping blade until a frothy mixture is obtained.

blend well

lassi ready

Garnish with rose essence,pistachios and serve chilled.

sweet lassi.,


Use only sweet curd.

Garnishing is totally optional.


19 thoughts on “Sweet Lassi

  1. Looks wonderful – what is sweet curd? Like farmers cheese? Thanks so much, i love lassi, also love savoury turkish yoghurt drink, ayran amd iranian salty spicy dough, domyou know them too?


    1. Hi Swapna – how do you make curd – do you have a recipe? I made lassi with greek yoghurt up to now and the farmers cheese we get here is curd like but a bit sour which I am not sure would be nice? Thanks Poli


      1. Hi Poli, making curd at home is very easy..just add 1/8 tsp of greek yogurt to ordinary milk and let it set for 8 -10 hours with this you can make salted lassi..For sweet curd add 2 tsp of sugar to 1 cup of milk mix well and then add 1/8 tsp of yogurt to it…After 8-10 hours your homemade sweet curd would be ready…Now you can make sweet lassi at home with this homemade curd easily…


  2. Hi Swapna, Congratulations on your award! I love to drink Lassi, especially the mango one made at a Punjab restaurant in the city. Curry and lassi go so well together! Your recipe looks lekker!

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