Carrot juice (with Almond and Honey)

carrot juice...

Carrots are highly nutritious that contains beta-carotene,vitamins and minerals. Carrots are used in many forms they are cooked,juiced and eaten raw.
Almonds and Honey when juiced with carrots enhances the flavour,taste and also the nutritional benefits.Almomds helps in weight loss and Honey is substituted for sugar thus reducing the intake of empty calories.
Such a healthy juice with the goodness of carrots,almonds and honey that can be made in a jiffy.



carrot juice.,


2 carrots (chopped)

4 almonds

2-4 tbsp honey

1 cardamom (optional)

2 cups chilled water


Wash the carrots,peel the skin and chop them to bite sized pieces.Add them to the mixer with almonds,honey and cardamom.

carrot juice

Blend them well,then add water and blend for 20 secs on medium speed.

add water

Strain them through a strainer,discard the residue and serve chilled.


Healthy homemade Carrot juice is ready to serve.

carrot juice,..


Consume the juice immediately to avoid contamination.

Do not store the juices because the vital enzymes begins to deactivate few minutes after juicing.

You can use palm sugar or jaggery instead of honey.


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