Pomegranate juice (with mint and lemon)

pomegranate mint & lemon

Ohh! I know I have been making lot of fresh juices at home nowadays.And my posts are more about fresh fruit juices.It is mainly because Chennai’s temperature doesn’t seem to be coming down even after the Agni Natchatram.
Most of the days it is above 40 C.I make at least 4 servings of fruit or vegetable juices everyday to keep my family healthy to beat the sweltering heat.
Usually I make Pomegranate juice just by adding honey alone.But this time tried with the addition of mint leaves and it was so refreshing,cooling with the pleasant mint flavor.
Pomegranate contains the most powerful anti-oxidants of all fruits.It lowers cholesterol,blood pressure,cardio diseases and also helps to protect against stress and depression.
Pomegranate with the goodness of mint and honey makes it more healthy and delicious.Do make this nutrient dense drink at home for overall good health.



pomegranate juice


2 cups pomegranate

4 tbsp honey

1 lemon (only the juice)

1 & 1/2 cups water

A few sprigs of mint leaves(20 leaves)


Add pomegranate,mint,honey to your mixie or blender.

add honey ,mint leaves

Then add the lemon juice,water and blend for 20-30 sec on medium mode.

add lime juice and grind

Strain them and discard the residue.

strain nthem

Enjoy this nutrient dense drink and stay healthy.

pomegranate mint juice


Consume the juice immediately to avoid contamination.

Do not store the juices because the vital enzymes begins to deactivate few minutes after juicing.

You can use palm sugar,jaggery or white sugar for honey.

Addition of mint leaves makes the juice more flavorful ,you can also avoid them.


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