Paal Kozhukatai..Sweet recipe for My Blog turns 1..

paal kozhukatai.,

Feels so nice to share a sweet recipe today for my blog turns one.I really couldn’t believe without getting bored for almost 12 months I have been blogging successfully.
So happy to be part of WordPress community through which I’m learning new cuisines everyday from all over the world.
As part of the celebration I’d like to post a traditional sweet recipe,Paal kozhukatai using milk,coconut milk and rice flour.An easy ,simple sweet recipe that does not require any steaming.
I make these Paal Kozhukattais especially for Vinayagar Chathurthi for the pure white colour that makes it more divine and perfect for nivedhyam.






1/2 cup -2 tbsp water

1 cup sugar heaped

1 cup cow’s milk

1/2 cup coconut milk

1/4 tsp cardamom powder

2 tbsp grated coconut

1/8 tsp salt

Ghee for greasing hands to make small balls


In a large bowl mix the flour and salt together.Bring water to boil and add it to the flour to make soft ,smooth dough.Make small balls out of the dough by greasing your hands with ghee.

make small balls

In a kadai add 1 cup cow’s milk and bring it to boil.When it boils add the flour balls one by one and let it cook for 15 mins on low flame with a closed lid.When it is cooked add the coconut milk.

add cow's milk and then coconut milk

Add the sugar and let it boil.Cook for 2 mins on low flame until the sugar dissolves.Switch off the flame now and add the cardamom powder.

add sugar,cardamom powder

Finally add the grated coconut.

add grated coconut..

Serve the Paal kozhukatai warm or chilled.

paal kozhukattai


Add the rice balls when the milk starts to boil really well otherwise the balls might get dissolved.

Drop the balls one by one leaving gaps in between them.

After adding coconut milk just cook for 2 mins else the milk starts to curdle.

17 thoughts on “Paal Kozhukatai..Sweet recipe for My Blog turns 1..

  1. Congratulations on your first blogiversary. Our blog anniversaries are so close! Wishing you many more to come! Your recipe looks awesome!

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  2. What a coincidence, jus now I was telling to my daughter tomorrow should prepare paal kozhukattai. One of my all tym favorite 🙂 Congrats Swap, keep on rocking.

    Liked by 1 person

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