Mor Milagai

mor milagai.,

Mor Milagai or sun dried chillies must be a favorite side dish for most of us with curd rice.Mor milagai is green chillies soaked in curd,salt and then sun dried for a week until dry and crispy.
These are summer specials for they need good sunlight to get sun dried really well.So summer is the best time to make these Mor milagai you can then store them in airtight container and fry whenever you need them.
Homemade mor milagais are very easy to make and also prepared under hygienic conditions.So,lets make these Mor milagai at home clean and dirt free.




1/4 kg green chillies

2 & 1/2 cup sour curd

1/2 cup water

3 tsp salt

mor milagai


Wash the chillies and each one of them for the curd and salt to penetrate in well.

make a small cut

Whisk the curd,water and salt.

whisk curd with salt

Soak the green chillies in the curd for 8-10 hours.Then keep them in the sun whole day.Repeat this process for one more day.

soak in buttermilk

Third day take them out and sun dry for 5 days or until they turn crispy.

sundry them

Heat oil in a kadai/pan and fry them to golden brown.

fry in oil

Homemade Mor milagai is ready for frying.Serve them with curd rice or pazhaya soru.

sun dried chillies


Use sour curd for better result.

Use only fresh green chillies from the market,avoid using old refrigerated chillies.

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