Shahi tukra / Shahi tukda

Shahi tukda / Shahi tukra is a royal dessert that originated during the Mughal times.The word 'Shahi' means royal and 'tukda' means piece and this sweet is definitely a rich dessert. Shahi tukda involves three process making of rabri(thickened milk),frying the bread pieces in ghee and then dipping the bread slices in sugar syrup.Finally these … Continue reading Shahi tukra / Shahi tukda


Mutton Kulambu (with green chillies)

Unlike Vegetarian foods,Non-Vegetarian foods are always easy to make .With just few ingredients one could bring such delicious gravies,kulambu,starters and many more.I would like to share one such easy kulambu recipe with just 3 main ingredients mutton,green chilies and shallots .Green chilies gives a nice flavor and taste to the kulambu. A very simple mutton … Continue reading Mutton Kulambu (with green chillies)

Kara boondi

Kara boondi is a famous crispy Indian savory recipe.They are small round shaped deep fried balls made from chick pea flour / besan flour (kadalai maavu).And also an important ingredient used in making many snacks ,sweets,chats and raitha .These boondies goes well with just plain sambar rice and curd rice too. I have not added … Continue reading Kara boondi

Vellam pidi kozhukatai

Vellam pidi kozhukatai is prepared using jaggery which is made into a syrupy consistency (vellam pagu) and then mixed with rice flour,grated coconut ,cardamom powder to make Vellam pidi kozhukatais. A sugar free kozhukatai where jaggery is used instead of sugar for sweetness.The health benefits of jaggery is extensive,it contains high quantity of required vitamins,minerals,iron … Continue reading Vellam pidi kozhukatai

Pooranam kozhukatai / Thengai pooranam kozhukatai

Pooranam kozhukatai is stuffed sweet kozhukatai with grated coconut and sugar as filling.One of my favorite kozhukatai and also a must for Vinayagar Chathurthi every year. Unlike ,Pidi kozhukatais these Pooranam kozhukatais takes time in shaping them.A very simple filling that doesn't require any cooking as well. Make sure you make a thin outer covering … Continue reading Pooranam kozhukatai / Thengai pooranam kozhukatai

Sweet kozhukatai / Inippu kozhukatai

Vinayagar Chathurthi is fast approaching and keeps me so busy with all the preparations.I thought I would make lot of kozhukatai recipes for my young blog but couldn't make it as I planned. I have already uploaded Paal kozhukatai and Karupatti kozhukatai recipe few months back.Do check them as well. Today I would like to … Continue reading Sweet kozhukatai / Inippu kozhukatai

Cauliflower poriyal

Cauliflower poriyal is a simple stir fry recipe with just few ingredients.I haven't used onions too,to make this poriyal.There is no need to boil the cauliflower florets,no strong masalas and also no deep frying .This stir fry tastes great when served with dhal rice and ghee .Easy to prepare poriyal recipe perfect for sambar rice,dhal … Continue reading Cauliflower poriyal

Soya chunks dosai / Meal maker dosai recipe

Soya chunks also known as meal maker is a healthy protein rich food that are widely used in Indian vegetarian cooking.Simple and easy to prepare recipe where soya chunks are grated,sauteed with hot and spicy mixture then stuffed inside a dosai or chappathi. The stuffing taste so much like minced mutton,your kids will love to … Continue reading Soya chunks dosai / Meal maker dosai recipe

Paal Kesari

Paal kesari or Milk kesari is a richer version of ordinary kesari where milk is used to cook the sooji/rava instead of water and then garnished with some nuts,raisins,saffron and cardamom. For any celebrations or poojas this Paal kesari is a must in my place.A simple sweet recipe goes perfect for a dessert and nivedhyam.So … Continue reading Paal Kesari

Uppu Seedai / Salted Seedai

Seedai is a deep fried snack made with rice flour and urad dhal flour.These are specially made for Krishna Jayanthi as Nivedhyam. I have made Seedais a couple of times at home for they are so easy and a simple snack recipe.I could still remember the first time when I made Seedais ,they turned out … Continue reading Uppu Seedai / Salted Seedai