Kara boondi

kara boondi

Kara boondi is a famous crispy Indian savory recipe.They are small round shaped deep fried balls made from chick pea flour / besan flour (kadalai maavu).And also an important ingredient used in making many snacks ,sweets,chats and raitha .These boondies goes well with just plain sambar rice and curd rice too.
I have not added baking soda and rice flour to make these kara boondies .The chickpea flour (kadalai maavu) by itself with perfect batter consistency gives you crispy,crunchy Kara boondies.
One cup of chickpea flour gives 2-2 & 1/2 cup kara boondi .Homemade ones stays good for a long time because of the quality of oil used.Do make them at home and enjoy these crispy snack for tea time with your family.

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YIELDS : 2 -2 & 1/2 CUPS

karam boondi



1 cup chickpea four

1 tsp chilli powder

A generous pinch of hing

Salt to taste

Water as required

Oil for deep frying


A sprig of curry leaves

10 -15 cashews ( broken to small pieces)

1-2 tbsp groundnuts

3 flakes of garlic

1 tsp pepper

1 tbsp ghee

Salt to taste


Mix chickpea four,hing,salt and chilli powder together in a bowl.Add water little by little until you get perfect consistency.The batter should be thinner than dosa batter consistency.

make tin batter

You need two big perforated ladles to make boondies.Pour a laddle of battle over the perforated ladle and spread in circular motion for the batter to penetrate through the holes to form pearl shaped boondies.

pour through perforated laddle

When the bubble ceases and the oozing sound subsides ,remove them from oil and and transfer to a kitchen paper to remove excess oil.For every batch do not forget to wipe the perforated ladle to get perfect round shaped boondies.

fry them

total quantity

Heat ghee in a pan add the groundnuts,caashews,garlic flakes,curry leaves and fry for 5 mins or until well roasted.

to be fried

Add pepper powder,salt and mix well.

add salt and pepper

Discard the garlic flakes and add the remaining to the boondies.

discard garlic alone after frying

Mix everything together and store in an airtight container.

mix well

Crispy,yummy Kara boondi is ready.A perfect tea time snack .

kara boondi.,


If the batter is thick you will get tailed boondies so add water as required.

If the batter is thin you will get flat boondies and also it will absorb lot of oil so add flour as required.

Wipe the laddle for every batch or wash them in tap water and wipe it with a clean towel.I always prefer the latter one.

You can a pinch of yellow food colour if not satisfied with the boondi colour.


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