Cornflour Halwa / Karachi halwa

Cornflour halwa is one of the most easiest halwa recipe with very little ghee.Such a colorful,glossy halwa with jelly texture.You will definitely enjoy the making process of this halwa as it changes so rapidly from watery consistency to glassy,glossy, jelly consistency. Unlike other halwa it requires very less time for the cornflour to get cooked … Continue reading Cornflour Halwa / Karachi halwa


How to make Puttu flour

Homemade Puttu flour is always the best one to make soft puttus because of the time we give for each process from soaking the rice,drying,grinding and sieving .And also we use the best quality of rice. So I always prefer making my own puttu flour and refrigerate for later use.Puttu four is usually made with … Continue reading How to make Puttu flour

Idly Puttu

Puttu is a steamed breakfast dish of South India especially in Kerala.In some regions they are also called as Pittu.It is served with grated coconut,jaggery,banana,sugar or chickpea curry and also with Non veg curries and gravies. It is traditionally cooked in perforated coconut shells and hollow bamboo stalks.But nowadays there are many cooking vessels specially … Continue reading Idly Puttu

Idly podi / Idly milagai podi

Idly podi or Idly milagai podi is a dry roasted spicy podi(powder) and one of the best accompaniment for Idly and Dosai.These podi when mixed with ghee or sesame oil tastes so divine with crunchy ,nutty lentils. I usually make these podi in large quantities and store in an airtight container ,there is no need … Continue reading Idly podi / Idly milagai podi

Jeera rice / Jeera pulao

Jeera rice or Jeera pulao is a simple but flavorful rice made with basmati rice and tempered with cumin (jeera) along with some spices.All these ingredients adds such nice aroma to this flavorful rice . It is a popular Punjabi dish that goes well with almost all North Indian side dishes .I have added green … Continue reading Jeera rice / Jeera pulao

Nethili meen varuval / Anchovies fish fry

Nethili or Anchovies are small sized fishes that gets cooked very quickly.Also they don't need to be marinated for a long time.Just sauteing for a minute or two yields crispy ,yummy fries. Only the cleaning part takes times for they are so small.The head and the fins (tail part ) needs to be removed and … Continue reading Nethili meen varuval / Anchovies fish fry

Nethili meen kulambu / Anchovies fish curry

Nethili or Anchovies are small sized fish that could be consumed with the bones.Nethilies get cooked very quickly ,less than a minute. Usually these small sized fishes are more tastier compared to the big ones but the cleaning part is time consuming and so boring The head and the fins should be removed ,the stomach … Continue reading Nethili meen kulambu / Anchovies fish curry

Ridge gourd peel chutney / Peerkangai thol chutney

Ridge gourd / Peerkangai is a fiber rich vegetable with white spongy pulp part and ruff outer skin part.But these peels are edible and can be used to make delicious chutney. Ridge gourd is low in saturated fat and calories thus aids weight loss.So whenever you make Peerkangai poriyal at home ,never throw the peels … Continue reading Ridge gourd peel chutney / Peerkangai thol chutney

Turnip Basundi

Turnip Basundi is a famous sweet recipe from my native place Virudhunagar (Taminadu).They are mostly served for marriages as a dessert. Turnip basundi is made by adding grated,boiled turnips to thickened milk.These turnips gives good quantity to the basundi also adds nice crunchiness and granular consistency to the basundi.Finally they are garnished with nuts,saffron to … Continue reading Turnip Basundi