Chocolate Muffins

A rich,tender homemade muffins are great for snacks or lunch box for kids.This super speedy muffin recipe is perfect when you are in a hurry and no mixer required to make them.One bowl cake recipe that is extremely moist and fabulously rich. Perfect for parties and special occasion.So good and so easy! PREPARATION TIME : … Continue reading Chocolate Muffins


Chocolate chip Muffins

Muffins are always popular with kids and adults.With chocolate chip inside,these muffins are great for snack and luch box for kids.This is one of the best chocolate chip muffins.So soft,tender and moist on the inside and crusty layer on the outside.Use best quality ingredients for the effect and flavor.These muffins are quick,simple and tasty.The best … Continue reading Chocolate chip Muffins

Dilkush / Coconut stuffed buns (eggless)

Dilkush is a famous pastry with sweet filling.A delicious soft buns with a mixture of tutti frutti,cashews,coconut and sugar as filling.You can also use other nuts of your choice and if you like cherries too.Any ordinary n=bun ecipe can be used to make them.These stuffed buns famous in my native place Virudhunagar and they are … Continue reading Dilkush / Coconut stuffed buns (eggless)

Caramel Custard

Caramel Custard is a popular dessert with soft rich custard base topped with a contrasting layer of golden caramel.A traditional classic dessert eaten throughout the world.The custard is mostly flavored with vanilla extract and sugar is cooked to caramel stage,poured into moulds before adding egg,milk mixture. They are then cooked on stove top or in … Continue reading Caramel Custard

Ginger chutney / Inji chutney

Ginger Chutney is a famous chutney being served along with PESARATTU in Andhra Pradesh also known as Allam pachadi in telugu.This chutney goes well with other breakfasts like Dosa,Idly,Chapathi too.With very few ingredients you can make this flavorful chutney as they have long shelf life you can prepare them ahead and store in airtight containers … Continue reading Ginger chutney / Inji chutney

Easy Sugar Cookies recipe

Sugar cookies are the ideal holiday cookie and a favorite cookie for many.One of the easiest sugar cookies recipe which I have being trying for years.Making sugar cookies at home is so much fun,you can also involve your kids in shaping and decorating them.It would be a fun filled activity for them. If the dough … Continue reading Easy Sugar Cookies recipe

Pottukadalai Urundai / Pottu kadalai Mittai

Pottukadalai Urundai is prepared using roasted gram and jaggery.Mittai means Sweet ,this sweet has a unique taste with the addition of jaggery.A very healthy sweet recipe,rich in proteins and also jaggery is substituted for sugar.An easy to make sweet at home with just two main ingredients ,only the jaggery consistency matters. It is very important … Continue reading Pottukadalai Urundai / Pottu kadalai Mittai