Fried Moong Dal

homemade fried moong dal

A cup of tea with some crispy snacks is great to munch especially on a rainy day.There are lot of packed foods available these days in the stores with all flavors from the world.So we have started to rely on packed foods for they are crispy,tasty and easy to buy as well.But we don’t care to know whether they are prepared with quality goods under hygienic conditions.And making them at home is really time consuming but 100 % safe for our family members.

One such easy snack recipe which most of us buy from the stores in Moong Dal namkeen.Definitely the deep frying process takes a long time but you will forget it the moment you have them.Do try this famous Moong dal Namkeen at home and have a wonderful tea time with your family.




moong dal namkeen


1 cup moong dal / siruparuppu

Salt to taste

Pepper as required

Oil for deep frying


Soak the dal for an hour in water.Drain the water completely and dry them in a cloth for 2 hours.

soak and dry them

Heat oil in a kadai, add the dal and deep fry on medium flame.

deep fry

Remove the excess oil using a kitchen paper.

remove excess oil

Add salt and pepper.

add salt and pepper

Mix them well.

mix well and serve

Homemade Fried Moong dal is ready now.

moong dal


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