Raw Jackfruit roast / Palakaai varuval

Raw jackfruit is unripe,tender ,young jackfruit that are used in Indian cooking to make sambar,kootu ,curry and many more.The whole jackfruit is adible in all its stages including the seeds which can be made to Jackfruit seeds poriyal.These raw jackfruit chunks can be made into srispy,mouth watering roasts by marinating them in onion and fennel … Continue reading Raw Jackfruit roast / Palakaai varuval



Kalakand is a traditional Indian sweet prepared from milk ,with soft and granular texture.The traditional method of making Kalakand is a lengthy process which involves making Chena (Paneer) and thick condensed milk from scratch. You can also make Kalakand using store bought paneer and thick condensed milk, which not only reduces your cooking time but … Continue reading Kalakand

Kadalai Mittai / Peanuts jaggery chikki

Kadalai Mittai is a healthy and a high Protein delicacy prepared using natural ingredients like peanuts,jaggery and cardamom powder.A zero sugar and zero oil sweet recipe that one could enjoy without any guilt.Peanuts provide rich energy for growing children. Nowadays children are getting so addicted to unhealthy ,junk foods with high sugar level and empty … Continue reading Kadalai Mittai / Peanuts jaggery chikki

Chow Chow kootu / Chayote Kootu

Chayote or Chow Chow is a vegetable that belongs to the gourd family.The entire vegetable is edible including the skin, flesh, seeds, shoots, leaves and flowers.These peels can be used to make delicious CHOW CHOW PEEL CHUTNEY. Chow chow can be boiled,baked,fried or can also be used raw in salads.Some varieties of Chow chow are … Continue reading Chow Chow kootu / Chayote Kootu

Chow Chow peel chutney / Chayote peel chutney

Chayote or Chow Chow belongs to the gourd family.Vegetables from the gourd family are extremely healthy.There are various types of gourds cultivated in India and they are extremely fibrous to consume,lower in saturated fats as well as calories. The chayote can be eaten raw in salads, or stuffed and baked.It is used in everyday Indian … Continue reading Chow Chow peel chutney / Chayote peel chutney

Thirumangalam mutton Kulambu

Today I would like to share a hot and spicy version of mutton kulambu from Thirumangalam ,a small village near my native place Virudhunagar.This kulambu is prepared using roasted and freshly ground ingredients which brings out such a nice flavor and taste. You could definitely make out the difference in taste,color and flavor when using … Continue reading Thirumangalam mutton Kulambu

Coriander seeds chutney recipe

Coriander seeds and the leaves are known all over the world for its medicinal properties.The aromatic flavour of these seeds comes from the essential oil and fatty acids in it.You can include coriander seeds in your gravies, curry or salad for extra flavor.You can also make delicious chutney by grinding the coriander seeds with coconut.They … Continue reading Coriander seeds chutney recipe

Chicken Salna recipe

Chicken Salna is prepared by cooking chicken with flavorful ingredients.The addition of green chillies and dried chillies makes it more hot and spicy.This gravy (Chicken Salna) tastes great with Parota and chapathi,you can also serve them with Idly,Dosa or Idiyappam.If you find it too spicy then reduce the amount of dried red chillies and also … Continue reading Chicken Salna recipe