Coriander seeds chutney recipe

coriander seeds chutney

Coriander seeds and the leaves are known all over the world for its medicinal properties.The aromatic flavour of these seeds comes from the essential oil and fatty acids in it.You can include coriander seeds in your gravies, curry or salad for extra flavor.You can also make delicious chutney by grinding the coriander seeds with coconut.They taste really good when served with Idly or Dosa.Do make this healthy chutney and start your day with a healthy breakfast.




kothamalli seeds chutney


3 tbsp coriander seeds

5 tbsp grated coconut

4 dried red chillies

4 cloves garlic

A small piece of tamarind

1 tbsp sesame oil

Salt to taste

Water as required


Dry roast the coriander seeds in a pan until they change to mild brown in colour for 8-10 mins in low flame .

dry roast

Heat 1/2 tbsp oil in a pan add the dried red chillies,garlic,tamarind and saute for 2 mins in low flame.Now add the grated coconut and saute for 2 mor mins in low flame.

saute the red chilly,garlic,tamarind and coconut

Finally add the roasted coriander seeds and switch of the flame.Mix them well and let it cool completely.

add roasted coriander seeds

Transfer them to your mixie and grind it to smooth paste with salt and water.

grind with salt and water

Heat another 1/2 tbsp of sesame oil add mustard seeds and urad dal ,when it splutters add it to the chutney.

add tempered items

Serve the coriander chutney with Dosai or soft Idlis.

coriander seeds thuvayal


Do not over roast the seeds.

You can also use few curry leaves for extra flavour .


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