Gulkand Milkshake

Gulkand is a sweet preserve of rose petals(Damask rose) with honey and sugar.Gulkand has a cooling property thus reduces our body heat.It is a powerful antioxidant and a very good rejuvenator.It is very good to take Gulkand especially during summer season.It can be added to fruits to make juices and milk to make milkshakes. Gulkand … Continue reading Gulkand Milkshake


Khandvi recipe-Gujarathi snack

Khandvi is a traditional Gujarathi snack,perfect for breakfast or evening snack.It is prepared with besan flour and butter milk then tempered with few spices that gives out such nice flavor to them.The addition of grated coconut and chopped coriander leaves makes it absolutely delicious. A mouth watering healthy snack,so soft that it just melts in … Continue reading Khandvi recipe-Gujarathi snack

Mochai Avarai Poriyal

Mochai and Avarai can be cooked together and tastes so good especially when had with dhal rice and sambar rice.A simple vegetable curry with few ingredients and pressure cooked within few minutes.Very healthy vegetable curry with the goodness of Avarai and Mochai together.Do try this simple healthy, poriyal at home and serve for lunch. PREPARATION … Continue reading Mochai Avarai Poriyal

Thoothukudi Macaroons / Cashew Meringue

Thoothukudi macaroons are very famous cookies in Thoothukudi ,though we could get them everywhere in Tamilnadu.Mcaroons are light ,nutty ,crunchy cookies that requires just 3 ingredients.No oil and No butter cookie that has a crunchy crust with gooey cashew crumbs with nutty flavor. You will just love the process of making these macaroons at home.All … Continue reading Thoothukudi Macaroons / Cashew Meringue

Veraal meen kulambu / Murrel fish kulambu

Veraal fish / Murrel fish is a fresh water fish fish ,very expensive because they are very rare to get from the market.Fishes are highly nutritious food with a good amount of protein and omega 3 fatty acids. There are variety of fishes used in preparing fish curry depending on their region and the ingredients.These … Continue reading Veraal meen kulambu / Murrel fish kulambu

Pori Urundai / Puffed rice balls

Pori Urundai ia a traditional recipe prepared especially on Karthigai Deepam for nivedhyam.These festivals help us to know more about our customs and traditions.During Thirukarthigai deepam,people decorate their houses with beautiful agals and kolams .As it comes soon after Diwali,many used to reserve few crackers for this special day. There are so many traditional recipes … Continue reading Pori Urundai / Puffed rice balls