Tomato Jam / Thakkali Jam

tomato jam

Tomatoes are perfect for making jams,it is absolutely delicious with just two ingredients(tomatoes and sugar).It makes a lovely accompaniment not only to breads but also with Indian breakfasts.Homemade Jams are more hygienic without any artificial colour and preservatives.
You can also add spices like cinnamon and cloves for more flavor but I love the natural beautiful flavor of the tomatoes.Choose red ,delicious,juicy,ripened tomatoes to yield sweet,deep rich coloured Tomato Jam.



tomato jam recipe


7 tomatoes

3/4 cup sugar

thakkali jam recipe


Add the tomatoes in a pan of water and bring it to boil.Boil for 3 minutes in high flame.

boil for 3 minutes

Blend them well.

grind them

Add sugar and stir over high heat until boil.Reduce to low heat and continue to cook.

add sugar

The jam starts to thicken now.

cook in low flame

After 15-20 mins they become like jellos in consistency but still would be watery.

gel like in consistency

You can check the consistency by dropping a spoon of them in a small bowl of water.

cool and check

Switch off the flame when they are still in pouring consistency for they would become really thick on cooling.Refer the pic below.

switch off the flame

Store the bright,citrusy Tomato Jam in airtight adorable Jam jars.

thakkali jam


Cook the jam in low flame,do not get tempted to increase the flame.

Switch off the flame when the jam is still in pouring consistency because they will become very thick on cooling.

Choose deep red coloured ripened tomatoes.


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