Pottukadalai Laddu / Roasted gram balls

roasted gram laddu

Pottukadalai Laddu is prepared with roasted gram ,sugar and ghee.A very easy and a quick sweet recipe that could be done in no time.I have reduced the quantity of ghee and added warm milk to make round balls.I used to make this Maaladdu often at home and never buy them from stores for the store bought ones are made with vanaspathi and oil.Also homemade ones are hygienic with quality products,thus safe for our family.
Kids will love to have them for they are sweet and it is the best way to make them have proteins in their diet.Do make this yummy laddu at home for your family especially for your lovely little ones.



YIELDS :10-12



1 cup pottukadalai / roasted gram

3/4 cup sugar

1/4 cup ghee

2 tbsp cashews(broken to small pieces)

1 cardamom

2-3 tbsp hot milk


Powder the sugar with a cardamom.

powder sugar with cardamom

Powder the roasted gram and mix it with powdered sugar.

add ground sugar and pottukadalai

Heat ghee,add cashews and fry them .

heat ghee and add cashews

Add the hot ghee to the powdered mixture.Add 2-3 tbsp of hot milk to the mixture and mix well.

add ghee and warm milk

Make small balls when the mixture is still hot.Give good pressure while making balls to bind them well.

make small sized balls

Healthy and nutritious Maaladdu is ready now.

pottukadalai laddu


If you prefer making them only with ghee,then omit the milk and increase the ghee to 1/4 cup that is 1/2 cup totally.

Grease your hands with ghee and make balls when the mixture is hot.

Give pressure while making balls to bind them well.


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