Muskmelon Juice

muskmelon juice

Muskmelon is a sweet fruit with high water content,vitamins and minerals.This fruit can be made into juice with just cane sugar or you can scoop out the pulp and have it plain .It is great to have as a snack instead of eating unhealthy items.
It helps in balancing the fluid loss and cools our body especially during summer season.Eating muskmelon during hot days is very good and healthy for the body nourishment.



kirni palam juice


1/4 kg muskmelon

4 tbsp nannari syrup or sugar

1/4 cup water


Cut the fruit into halves and remove the seeds.

remove the seeds

Peel the skin and cut them into bite sized pieces.Mash them finely with a fork or a spoon.

peel the skin

Add 1/4 cup water.

add water

Add the Nannari syrup or sugar,ice cubes and mix well.

add nanari ,ice cubes

Pour into serving glasses and enjoy.

musk melon sharbath


You can also juice all the ingredients directly in your juicer also.

You can add honey,jaggery,maple syrup or cane sugar for sweetness.

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