Nalli Elumbu Kulambu

Nalli Elumbu is Lamb's bone marrow which is used in making Kulambu especially in Southern parts of Tamilnadu.A very spicy and flavorful kulambu prepared from freshly ground masala that enhances the taste .Shallots are widely used in making many Non-veg recipes for they not only gives taste but also brings the perfect gravy consistency. I … Continue reading Nalli Elumbu Kulambu


Raw plantain chips / Vaalakai chips

These plantain chips are super easy to make at home with very few ingredients.Just peel ,slice and deep fry them in oil ,add your favorite seasonings and enjoy these crispy and delicious chips. The thinner the chip, the crunchier it’ll be! Don't ever feel bad to indulge in these crispy deep fried delicious snack once … Continue reading Raw plantain chips / Vaalakai chips

Savoury Buns

I love baking breads and buns especially for the aroma that fills my whole place .These savoury buns has an amazing flavour from the green chilies,coriander leaves and garlic.One of the easiest bun recipe that gives the buns perfect shape and tastes so good. Its a beautiful easy dough to make without any lengthy process.Fresh … Continue reading Savoury Buns

Dry Fruits & Nuts Milkshake

Dry fruits and Nuts are not just delicacies but extremely rich sources of all essential nutrients.This is why every diet regimen recommends, having at least a handful of dry fruits and nuts in your daily diet.Though they are really expensive the health benefits they possess makes them worth their price. Including them in our children's … Continue reading Dry Fruits & Nuts Milkshake

Paneer Tikka recipe ( using oven and stove top)

Paneer Tikka is a famous North Indian starter recipe and must be a favourite one not only for vegetarians but for non-vegetarians too.Paneer Tikka is marinated paneer cubes and veggies in curd with some different spices to make it more flavorful and delicious. Paneer with the veggies has to be marinated for at least 3-4 … Continue reading Paneer Tikka recipe ( using oven and stove top)

Lemon pickle

Pickles are a must accompaniment for curd rice especially during summer season.I have posted a simple lemon pickle recipe with green chilies , sun dried for few days then tempered with mustard seeds and hing.An easy pickle recipe every newbie cooks should try at home. This recipe doesn't require much oil ,just 2 tbsp of … Continue reading Lemon pickle