Nattu kozhi kulambu / Country chicken kulambu

Variety of non veg dishes are prepared from chicken especially broiler chicken.But today the demands for country chicken(nattu kozhi) has risen compared to broiler chicken.Country chicken refers to the native chicken breeds of IndiaThe broiler chicken are fed with very high amount of antibiotics,growth hormones and additives.These chemicals even after cooking remains in the chicken.Whereas … Continue reading Nattu kozhi kulambu / Country chicken kulambu


Chocolate Coffee Milkshake

With summer in full swing ,milkshakes is also at its peak.Chocolate and Coffee have always made such a great pair and in this milkshake form it is absolutely heavenly.A light creamy milkshake scented with coffee.Very simple to make with just 4 ingredients,4 steps and also ready in 4 mins.Throw coffee,cocoa,milk,sugar into your blender and spin … Continue reading Chocolate Coffee Milkshake