Sesame Burfi / Sesame brittle recipe (using jaggery)

Sesame Burfi is a crunchy,nutty traditional sweet of India.These burfis are so nutritious with just two healthy ingredients sesame seeds and jaggery, also a zero oil and zero sugar sweet recipe.Lot of variations are followed in different regions of India in preparing this sweet. Sesame Burfis are made for Makar Sankranti in Maharastra(India),an auspicious festival … Continue reading Sesame Burfi / Sesame brittle recipe (using jaggery)


My Dream Kitchen

Welcome to 'My dream kitchen' featuring images of Homify with different designs,shape and colour.Homify is the new online platform for housing and construcion .Here you can find right professionals to help build or renovate your home .Huge variety of stunning custom designs are available in Homify to give your kitchen surprisingly a fresh look.Every woman … Continue reading My Dream Kitchen

Fig Milkshake (with almond & honey)

Although dried Figs are available throughout the year,nothing can beat the taste of fresh figs.And they taste even more delicious as milkshake with creamy texture and crunchy seeds.Fig milkshake is so thick like smoothies,thus makes us so filling with good nutrition. Figs are good source of dietary fiber and a sweet way to lose weight.The … Continue reading Fig Milkshake (with almond & honey)

Vanilla Milkshake

Milkshakes are rich,creamy delicious drink that can be prepared with many variety of ingredients like cocoa,fruits,nuts,dried fruits and many more.There are so many wonderful flavors used for making milkshakes but the plain old Vanilla milkshake is always the best and easy to make. Having a cool milkshake on a hot day cools your body and … Continue reading Vanilla Milkshake

Shankarpali (or) Sweet diamond cuts

Sweet Diamond Cuts or Shankarpali is such an easy sweet made with just 3 main ingredients (maida,sugar and ghee).But as they are deep fried ,it takes time to fry these small diamond bites.They are also called by other names like Bombaylakadi ,Kalakala and Maida biscuits. It can prepared both sweet and savoury,I have already posted … Continue reading Shankarpali (or) Sweet diamond cuts