My Dream Kitchen

Welcome to ‘My dream kitchen’ featuring images of Homify with different designs,shape and colour.Homify is the new online platform for housing and construcion .Here you can find right professionals to help build or renovate your home .Huge variety of stunning custom designs are available in Homify to give your kitchen surprisingly a fresh look.Every woman has a Dream Kitchen in her mind and Homify can make their dreams true.
The most basic principles of kitchen layout is ‘The Work Triangle’.It consists of a cooking area, food storage area and the cleaning area.But the Work Triangle has taken a flogging in recent years by many kitchen designers.Homify takes more ideas into consideration when planning the kitchen layout.


Homify clearly understands everything from kitchen planning,designing and implementing.With apartments becoming smaller and smaller,spaces are becoming scarce.With clever designing your kitchen can become a perfect place for happy cooking.

An amazing Make Over by Homify

pic 1 (1)

pic 2

An Open kitchen and a Separate Kitchen

Some prefer having an Open kitchen where a kitchen can flow into a living room and dinning area.

pic 3

But some like to incorporate a stylish partition that separates the kitchen from the living room.Having a sliding door ia a creative way to separate them elegantly.

pic 4


homify 1

homify 2

homify 3

homify 4

Homify 5

Homify kitchen section has an assortment of kitchen decor ideas to help build your kitchen ,designing the walls,choosing the right hues,flooring option and deciding your favourite kitchen style like Country style,Modern kitchen,Eclectic kitchen,Scandinavian kitchen ,Meditteranean style and many more.

With Homify you can ask all sorts of question to experts for building and renovating your home .You can also make a fee consultation with Homify and get your Dream Kitchen manifest soon.


All the above images are copyrighted and belongs to Homify


5 thoughts on “My Dream Kitchen

  1. Yours and mine!!!!!! Now here in India I have a small (and I love it) kitchen with no A/C (which we absolutely hate!!!) we both still dream of our lovely lovely big kitchen in our Victorian House in England, which I designed completely on my own. Now we dream of maybe one day we will have a big kitchen again – somewhere! šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚


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