Yam Fry / Senaikilangu Roast Recipe

Yam is a popular tuber used in making variety of dishes especially in AVIYAL which is a famous side dish recipe for Sadya.A simple and delicious yam fry that is perfect for any Indian meals.The yam is sliced, semi cooked,marinated with aromatic spices and roasted in low flame using a tawa until crisp on the … Continue reading Yam Fry / Senaikilangu Roast Recipe


Paruppu Podi (with garlic)

Paruppu Podi is variety of dhals mixed with few other ingredients like curry leaves,garlic,sesame seeds,cumin,pepper are added to make it more flavorful and healthy.The addition of garlic enhances the taste and flavor of this podi.Homemade paruppu podi are always the best for we can adjust the spice level as per our family requirement and also … Continue reading Paruppu Podi (with garlic)

Avarakai Poriyal / Broad bean curry recipe

Avarakai poriyal is a simple and easy to make recipe that tastes great especially with south indian meal with sambar,rasam and appalam.Apart from the taste,this healthy vegetable is rich in dietary fiber,protein and other nutrients and can be easily grown in home garden. Avarakais can also be prepared as kootu with coconut and pulses that … Continue reading Avarakai Poriyal / Broad bean curry recipe

Tindora fry / Kovakai fry recipe

A variety of recipes can be prepared with tindora/kovakai in indian cooking.It is also prepared with other veggies like potato,raw plantain and brinjal.Kovakai tastes so good when made into kootu with pulses and coconut that enhances the taste of the kootu.Some add kovakai in making AVIYAL along with other veggies.I have shared here a simple … Continue reading Tindora fry / Kovakai fry recipe

Jam Biscuits / Jam filled cookies (eggless)

Jam biscuits,a buttery ,crumbly biscuits with chewy jam filling is so easy and delicious biscuit recipe that pair well with evening tea.Though we get so many shop bought jammy biscuits with fancy packing ,homemade ones are so delicious and kids would love to help you make them.It's a happy activity to do together especially during … Continue reading Jam Biscuits / Jam filled cookies (eggless)

Ginger Cardamom Tea Recipe

Ginger Cardamom Tea is a traditional chai recipe of every Indian homes,it is made from tea powder or tea leaves with ginger and cardamom.This is a milk based tea with the dominant flavour of ginger and cardamom that makes the tea aromatic and flavourful.You can adjust the addition of spices as per your requirement.Very simple … Continue reading Ginger Cardamom Tea Recipe