Tomato pickle recipe

Tomato pickle is a creamy, tangy pickle prepared by grinding the tomatoes with the seeds and peels.There are so many versions where the tomatoes are first cooked and then used for pickles.Some blanch the tomatoes,remove the seeds ,peels and then grind it before making pickles. But this Tomato pickle recipe is an easy method that … Continue reading Tomato pickle recipe


Thakkalai Kochi / Tomato Kochi Recipe

Thakkali kochi is another recipe from my native place Virudhunagar.It is prepared by grinding tomatoes with coconut and fennel seeds,then sauteed with shallots,green chilies,ginger and garlic that makes it so spicy and flavorful.The tomatoes need not be blanched,it can be just ground fresh with the seeds.It is a popular recipe which is specially served for … Continue reading Thakkalai Kochi / Tomato Kochi Recipe

Puliyodharai Recipe (Tamarind Rice)

Puliyodharai or Tamarind rice is a popular South Indian variety rice and also a traditional recipe that is served in temples as prasadham.Kovil Puliyodharai lovers should definitely give this recipe a try for it tastes so good and same as the ones served in temples.The addition of spices makes the puliyodharai very flavorful and the … Continue reading Puliyodharai Recipe (Tamarind Rice)