Prawn Biryani Recipe

Biryani is a rich rice dish that is so aromatic with the addition of spices and the basmati rice adds more flavor and taste to it.This is curd based recipe but you can also use coconut milk for curd.This is the easiest of all biryani recipes for there is no prepreparation process like marination as … Continue reading Prawn Biryani Recipe


Apple Kesari Recipe

Fruit kesari is usually served in weddings with apples,pineapple and some grapes.But today i tried it with just apples and it was super delicious.Some puree the apple that makes the kesari go like porridge.But i prefer to use chopped apples which tastes good and stays crunchy on cooking.Very simple sweet recipe that is so rich … Continue reading Apple Kesari Recipe

Nei Kadalai / Roasted Chana Dal Recipe

Nei Kadalai is roasted chana dal with spicy seasoning that adds more taste and flavor to the snack.But I really don't know why it is called nei kadalai when not a single drop of ghee(nei) is added to the recipe. Very easy recipe that involves 3 simple steps soaking,drying and frying the dal.Adjust or alter … Continue reading Nei Kadalai / Roasted Chana Dal Recipe