Jawarisi Mixture/ Sago Chivda Recipe

Jawarisi Mixture / Sago Mixture is an easy to make mixture recipe using tapioca pearls.It is a very quick recipe that could be made in a jiffy , you can make them for evening tea time when you have sudden guests at home. You need nylon tapioca pearls for this recipe for the ordinary sago … Continue reading Jawarisi Mixture/ Sago Chivda Recipe

Tirunelvelli Sodhi Recipe

Sodhi is a traditional, popular vegetable stew recipe of Tirunelvelli district in Tamilnadu. A coconut based gravy with spicy ground mixture that is so flavorful with the addition of cumin and curry leaves and a mild tangy taste with the dash of lemon juice. The consistency of this side dish recipe is thick and creamy … Continue reading Tirunelvelli Sodhi Recipe

Vellam Idiyappam / Jaggery String Hoppers Recipe

Idiyappam is an easy to make healthy breakfast made using rice flour.It is mostly served with coconut milk and sugar.I have already shared KARUPATTI IDIYAPPAM which is sweetened with palm sugar syrup ,thus making it more healthy.I would like to share another healthy sweet version of idiyappam made from vellam (jaggery). The dough is prepared … Continue reading Vellam Idiyappam / Jaggery String Hoppers Recipe