Tirunelvelli Sodhi Recipe

Sodhi is a traditional, popular vegetable stew recipe of Tirunelvelli district in Tamilnadu. A coconut based gravy with spicy ground mixture that is so flavorful with the addition of cumin and curry leaves and a mild tangy taste with the dash of lemon juice.
The consistency of this side dish recipe is thick and creamy with the moong dal that makes it so perfect for appam and idiyappam. It is usually served after the marriages in Tirunelveli region, hence has another name ‘Mapillai Sodhi ‘
I got this recipe from my friend Priya. She is a native of Tirunelveli and runs her own company,does awesome webdesigns. I also reach out to her for my petty word press related solutions. She has a lovely daughter who I believe would soon share with us another tasty Tirunelveli recipe 🙂
You can add make the yummy ginger pachadi & add a few crispy Potato chips to the dish. people advice to have it on a Sunday afternoon as it makes you super sleepy after eating. Do try this healthy recipe at home and serve it with hot steamed rice. Share your experiences, if you had already made Sodhi as a comment below the blog.



SERVES : 3-4


1/2 cup cauliflower florets

2 carrots (chopped)

2 tbsp peas

5 french beans ( chopped )

1 onion ( chopped )

2 green chillies (slit)

1 1/2 cup coconut milk

1/2 tsp turmeric powder

2-3 tbsp cooked moong dal

1 -2 tbsp oil

Juice of half lemon

Salt to taste


4 green chillies

4 cloves garlic

Small piece of ginger

1 tsp cumin seeds or 1/2 tsp cumin powder


1/2 tbsp oil

1/4 tsp mustard seeds

1/4 tsp cumin seeds

Few curry leaves


Grind the items under to grind column and keep it aside.

Heat oil in a pan,add onions ,green chillies and saute for 2 mins in medium flame.Add the ground mixture and saute for 2 mins in low flame.

Add the veggies except peas and saute for 2 mins in low flame.Then add coconut milk ,peas ,salt and let it boil.When it comes to boil ,reduce the flame to low and cook for 10 mins.

Now add turmeric powder,cooked moong dal and cook for 2 mins.Switch off the flame ,add lemon juice and give a good stir.

Serve with Appam ,Idiyappam or just hot steamed rice.


To make coconut milk take half coconut ,grate them and grind it with 2 cups of water.

Soak moong dal for half an hour and pressure cook for 3 whistles.

Sometimes adding peas directly to the oil might make the shells hard,that’s why I always add them later .


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