How to check out the best electric Pressure Cooker

Check out the best electric Pressure Cooker

Cooking is a gratifying activity that relaxes for many people, and maybe you are passionate about it too, but it is impossible not to have ever wanted to have the opportunity to cook some foods much faster, sometimes spending less time in the kitchen (especially during summer when temperatures are not the most enjoyable during cooking).

There is one thing you can do to solve this problem, you can research all there is to know about the best electric pressure cooker, because it will make sure that you will have a cooking time up to 80% faster. However, I am more than convinced that you have heard quite a lot about these pressure cookers, and most have been related to the safety of using such pots.

Why buy a pot under pressure and how does it help you?

Due to the way the pressure cooker works, it ensures a much faster cooking because the boiling time is much smaller, the temperature being higher than conventional ovens, reaching up to 120 degrees Celsius ( so it is understandable why the water will boil much faster).

because of this, it should be mentioned that I do not recommend to prepare more delicate foods at high temperatures for which a relatively short time is necessary for optimum cooking. Then for what can you use the pot? Well, for stews, soups, different meat preparations – primarily preparations that usually require a cooking time that lasts for 45 minutes. Learn more here.

How does a pressure pot work? I think most of the answer to this question is in the name of such a pot, does not it? The fundamental principle is the following: the pressure inside the container increases considerably, which is due to the tightness created by the way the lid closes, so the interior temperatures reach 100 degrees Celsius and even more, approaching the value of 120 degrees Celsius (as we have already mentioned).

What are the advantages and how reliable is a pressure cooker?

I think that the question of the safety of using a pressure cooker is one of the most important by those who intend to buy such a pot, especially if they have turned their attention to one with a more affordable price. What is my answer? Nowadays, the technologies underlying these pressure cookers are some that reduce this so-called “degree of danger” close to 0, as the safety valve helps you control both the pressure inside the pot and the temperature. When the pressure rises above a certain limit, the respective valve increases and thus adjusts the pressure inside to the required limits.

I believe that until now we have repeatedly mentioned one of the main advantages of using such a pot, namely the much shorter time required for the preparation of food. However, there are others, just as important, about which I will speak more in the next few lines.

So the resulting food if you use a pot in this category will be a much healthier one because it will keep better the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, contrary to “myths”. It is good to know that when it comes to boiling or another way of cooking, it will never almost wholly destroy the nutrients, so there is not even a reason to worry about it.

Another advantage is the delicious taste of the food prepared using a pressure cooker, something that has been recognized by many people in the forum. How is this possible? Very simple – this is due to the fact that time is much shorter and the level of fluid required is also the lowest value. It is also worth mentioning in the chapter advantages that it helps us to make quite significant savings, and here I think it is quite logical why: a reduced cooking time means that the necessary energy is also a lower one, which will allow you to save extra monthly money on invoices.

Check this out:

To avoid high pressure and temperatures, baking can be adjusted using a safety valve, this being the primary technical innovation of the pressure cooker. In the case of excessive pressure, the valve will rise and allow the removal of steam and water droplets. Thus, the temperature will drop below 100 ° C, and the weight will normalize.


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  1. Anytime I read about a pressure cooker, I think of the time my grandmother had one. This was in the early 70s, (I was a small child) and we didn’t know much about them. My grandmother thought it was a slow cooker. She put all the ingredients in the pot, some beef, sauce, carrots, potatoes, peas, put it on the stove, which was in an outside part of the house – like a lean-to with a corrugated roof, and we went out to town with us to do the grocery shopping – we lived across the street. When we came back, a couple hours later, the peas and carrots were on the ceiling and the lid was through the roof.

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