Neer Dosai Recipe

Neer Dosai is a famous dosai variety from Karnataka,India.The Dosai batter is prepared with rice and urad dal is not required,also there is no need to ferment the batter.Only thing is you need to soak the rice for atleast 5 hours.The batter needs to be watery to get those lazy patterns.There is no need to cook them on both sides,neer dosai needs to be served immediately as they tend to turn rubbery later.You can pair them with any chutney varierty that your family prefers,i served them with KARA CHUTNEY and GREEN CHUTNEY just to bring out the colour that matches our National flag on this special day.

                 HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY !



YIELDS : 12*


1 cup sona masoori rice or idly rice

1/2 cup grated coconut

Salt to taste

Water as required


Soak the rice for 5 hours,drain and keep it aside.Grate the coconut as well.

Transfer the rice to your mixer,add water,coconut,salt and grind to watery consistency.

Watery Neer dosai batter is ready now.

Heat a tawa,pour the batter like how you do for rava dosai in such a way to get lacy netted patterns.Do not cook the other side.

Just make a triangular fold and serve immediately.

Serve Neer Dosai with your favourite chutney varieties.


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