Elai Kozhukatai / Sweet Steamed Rice Dumplings

Just a week more for Ganesh Chathurthi and I have started to prepare the dough already for this beautiful festival.Each and every thing about this festival is so divine from the kolams and maavillai thoranam to the making of umbrellas☂ and kozhukatais.
In Elai Kozhukatai , the rice dumplings are stuffed with sweet flavorful fillings and then steamed using a banana leaf.
There are lot of variations in making this fillings, you can also try the spicy filling version.Whatever the filling might be , but steaming them in a banana leaf enhances the taste and flavour of this kozhukatai.
Do try this kozhukatai for this year Chathurthi and have a wonderful celebration with your family 🕉






1 cup kozhukatai rice flour

1 cup battery

1 cup grated coconut

1 tsp cardamom powder

1 or 2 banana leaf

Salt to taste

Water as required


To make the filling , first add crushed jaggery and water in an vessel and bring it to boil.Once it is completely dissolved switch off the flame and keep it aside.

In another pan saute the grated coconut with ghee for 2 mins In medium flame.

Now add the dissolved battery to the coconut and cook for 10 mins in low flame or until the mixture thickens.Let this mixture cool.

To make the dough, add rice flour, salt, hot water in a wide vessel and make a soft dough and let the dough rest for few mins.

To make Elai Kozhukatai, first cut squares out of the banana leaf and grease the leaf with ghee.Take a small ball sized dough over the banana leaf and gently flatten the dough.

Then seal the edges along with the leaf.

Now steam the Kozhukatais for 10 -12 mins.

The kozhukatai is cooked now.

Delicious Elai Kozhukatai is ready for Neivedhyam now.


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