Sumeru Frozen Foods

Frozen food company SUMERU has launched its signature ‘frozen gourmet meals in collaboration with Michelin star chef Alfred Prasad.He’s a master at fine dining,a culinary genius and world famous Michelin Star Chef. Alfred Prasad’s recipes follow the 3-H philosophyHeritage, Health, and Happiness. This reflects in the ingredients we have chosen whether it is the usage of ancient grains of India like millets or following a healthier cooking process like roasting to unique packaging technology which ensures that nutrients and flavours are retained.”

SUMERU’S range with Michelin Star Chef includes four products :
Each dish is made from locally-sourced ingredients, with no added flavours, colours or preservatives. They’re freshly processed, frozen, packed hygienically and are succulent when cooked.

Millet khichdi is a combination of simple Khichdi with grain millet.Delicious and nutritious comfort food..

Roasted chicken is a roasted version and not dried.Local ingredients blended with Michelin level expertise.It’s a perfect new take on Andhra chicken.

Shahi paneer, tender paneer chunks immersed in rich gravy filled with goodness of curry leaves.

Pepper chicken, a little pepper , spice and everything fresh and nice.The perfect concoction of Chef Alfred Prasad’s new gourmet twist to chicken 65.

Sumeru is the only major brand to have a strong presence in veg and non-veg foods.It’s an easy to make, ready to eat hassle free evening snack to make for your kids,family and friends.


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