Godhumai Halwa / Wheat Halwa (Tirunelvelli Halwa)

Godhumai halwa is a rich and fudgy indian dessert made from milk of wheat with caramelised sugar and some GHEE roasted nuts.This is the traditional way of making wheat halwa in Tirunelvelli district and popularly known as Iruttukadai Halwa.
Indian sweets are rich and high in calories with lot of sugar and ghee.And this wheat halwa is super rich with plenty of ghee.So.it is better to have few spoons of this halwa on special occasions.
This caramelised sugar gives such nice color and taste to this halwa.So be more cautious while caramelising sugar.You can either add water and caramelise or directly heat the sugar in a tawa and caramelsie them.Add sugar in small quantities for perfect caramalisation.





1/2 cup whole wheat

1 1/2 cups sugar

1/2 -3/4 cup GHEE

8 cashews

3 cardamoms


Soak wheat for 8 hours or overnight.

Grind the wheat with water to extract milk.Extract atleast a cup of wheat milk.Let the wheat milk remain undisturbed for half an hour .Then drain the clear water collected at the surface.

In a heavy bottomed vessel ,heat 4 tsps of sugar on low heat.In few minutes you can se the caramalisation happening.Then keep adding sugar at regular intervals,then carefully add a cup of water and mix well.The sugar turns a bit jelly like ,keep stirring on low flame until it dissolves completely.

Add this caramelised sugar, wheat milk and cardamom in a wide bottomed vessel .Add a tsp of ghee at regular intervals and keep stirring continously.

The halwa starts to turn thick with jelly like consistency.Never get tempted to increase the flame.Keep adding ghee at regular intervals.

Now add ghee roated nuts and cook until the ghee surfaces.

Switch off the flame and serve them warm or let it set at room temperature.

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