Mawa Peda / khoya Peda Recipe

Mawa Peda is a traditional Indian sweet recipe prepared during festive seasons .There are many versions and ingredients used in making Peda and this recipe with mawa is the most easiest of all peda recipes.
The main ingredient Mawa is solidified milk, where milk is boiled and simmered on low flame until it is reduced and reaches solid consistency.Then sugar and cardamom are added for taste and flavour. Making khoya/Mawa is a lengthy and time consuming process,you could also make these pedas with store bought Mawa.
Do try this sweet for your loved ones at home this New year and have a wonderful celebration ♥️



200 g khoya/mawa/kova

100 g sugar

1/4 tsp cardamom powder

3 tsp milk


Add khoya, sugar,milk,cardamom powder in a wide bottomed pan and cook on low flame.

The mixture will turn to liquid consistency.

Keep stirring on low flame so that they don’t get burnt at the bottom.The mixture will start to thicken now.

Transfer the mixture to a plate and let it cool for an hour.Then make small balls out of them.

Garnish with nuts and gently flatten them.

Mawa Peda is also served as Prasadham in many temples.


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