Where to buy Stubby Coolers?

Stubby coolers and holders are excellent materials to keep your drinks cold. Read more about a stubby when you click here. They are made of neoprene and other high-quality materials that are long-lasting. Most corporate events, baptisms, weddings, and other parties choose them as giveaways because they have lots of uses, but you can buy them on many sites if you prefer custom-made designs.
The difference between the two is that the holders can accommodate a single beer container while the cooler is meant to keep an entire week’s goods. With these holders, you can use them in unconventional ways, or you can display them on your cupboard for added artwork. Here are other ideas on how other people use them.
What Can You Do with your Stubby Holder?
1. Protect Fruits
They can act as a fruit holder. This will keep your favorite mangoes or avocadoes from bruising. If you are frequently out and about, you can carry these holders with you inside your tote bag. This can protect the fruits and will keep their freshness for more extended periods.
2. Moving Pads for Furniture
These are not an ideal use of the holders. But you can put them on your furniture’s legs, and they will act as moving pads. They can slide on timber floors, especially if you decide to redecorate your living room.
3. Stuffed with Other Items
If you are a company that has plenty of promotional giveaways, you can stuff some of these on stubby holders. These can be good places where you can include t-shirts and other items. You can even design your holder with logos, backgrounds, and different designs that you want. You can simply go to sites such as https://drinkcoasters.com.au/shop/stubby-coolers/  for more information.
4. Help with Moving and Packing
If you decide to relocate, you can use the holders as protective barriers for your glassware and other fragile items. These handy items can act as packing and padding material, and you can save lots of space as well.
5. Beverage Holder Inside your Vehicle
You can use these items like a cup holder inside your truck or car. You can attach one of the holders to your dashboard, and you can easily place a bottle or can of your favorite drink. You can keep your soda fresh for more extended periods, and you can drink it anywhere you are.
History of the Holder

The humble beginnings of the cooler first emerged in the United States in the 1980s. During those times, the models were made up of polystyrene foam, and its function is to fit beer or soda bottles that were popular back then. However, the first models have a significant flaw. They were not very effective in keeping the temperature of the drink. Most beers that were placed inside were already warm when they were taken out.
In 1984, the company called American Koozie developed the coolers that were made from neoprene. The design is more cost-effective, and most importantly, it keeps the drinks colder. After its success, its popularity took off, and many companies followed suit. The modern stubby holders were popularized in Australia. It was brought by inventor Shane Walsh to accommodate the bottles made in the country.
In the US, these things are popularly known as koozies or cold coolie cups. Many people are wondering how the term stubby came out. It is believed that most Australians came out with the term to describe the shorter and faster beer bottles that these things are used for. Most beer bottles in Australia are about 375 ml in volume, and these are the most frequent drinks that people are trying to insulate and keep cool.
What the Present Time Tells

Nowadays, many people are enjoying the stubby holders that were made according to Shane Walsh’s design. The most common material is neoprene, but they come in various sizes and shapes. The models can also vary depending on the person.
With lots of businesses wanting to gain over an edge over their competitors today, many use these coolers as a way to promote their products and services. Some companies give their employees and customers a customized design so that a brand’s name will stay in their thoughts every time they’re drinking a cold soda or beer.
Marketing Potential and Uses to Consumers
Lots of people love to go on long trips. However, some of the things that they avoid doing are to stock up their car with cold beverages. They might want to buy at the nearest convenience store that they happen to pass on the road. Most people don’t want the hassle because while one is on the road, the temperatures are often unpredictable and high. But with stubby coolers, that can be a different story.
Many companies use these giveaways to promote and market their brand. This is because these items can be used stylishly. Most of them have been refined and remodeled to fit the standard sizes of drinks that are popular today. Most do custom printing since the coolers have more than enough space for logos, custom designs, and other graphics.
Because of their uses and their designs, you can gain more customers with them if you are a new entrepreneur. You can use them to increase brand awareness as well as you can also benefit from using them into your daily routine. You can boost sales because your approach is exciting and different from others. Some customers will know more about you if you include this in your expanding business.
Knowing the ways that you can use them as well as informing other people about your product by making them a giveaway or a promotional product, you can increase your brand awareness in no time. If you are a budding artist, you can also print your designs and work on the coolers so that other people can see them more. These items can be an essential part of your daily activities as well as other people’s. Their designs can make a great addition to any event or household.


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