What to Look For in Charcoal Grills

Their names say it all, charcoal grills are outdoor cookers where you can cook delicious barbecue. The fuel source is charcoal, and it requires more energy effort than the gas varieties to heat up everything, control the fire, start cooking and cleaning up.

However, the rewards are well worth it because the smoky flavors are incomparable, and they are better than when you’re grilling with gas. The charcoal is for people who love the whole part of the grilling aside from eating their smoky, hot, and sweet barbecue.

If you’re the type of person who wants to learn a new skill or do much more during poolside parties, then you can know more about the technicalities of the charcoal grills. You can get the best charcoal grills on the link provided so that the results will be better. You can experiment with new flavors and meats to know which ones will work best.

Types to Know About

There are three different types of these appliances. Here are pieces of information about them.

1. Kettles

A kettle is one of the most iconic and least intrusive of the three. This may be the form you’re picturing in your mind if you’re thinking about these cookers. The kettle grills provide you with tapered shapes that will give you hold in heat through the briquets’ deep bed. They are suitable for longer-cooking chicken roasts, sears, and more. These kettles are ideal if you don’t want to burn your food while you cook it all the way through, and this is also the best all-purpose choice for people who are just starting. 

2. Barrels

Barrels are very wide, but they are also shallow. It’s similar to a barrel that was put on its side – hence the name. They need lots of briquets because they are made for cooking a ton of meats and vegetables. You can get the barbecue ready all at once because you can simultaneously cook them on the surface, and they are easy to clean. Read more about cleaning up the grills on this page here.

You need to ensure that the heat will not burn out soon enough, though, because the fire can be put out faster if you’re not paying attention. They are great for the basics like hot dogs, hamburger patties, and steaks than those sophisticated dinners that are done outdoors. Some brands of barrels will make it easier for you to add some more charcoal so you can extend your cooking time and get more patties on the surface.

3. Kamado or Ceramic

One of the more popular versions of the Kamado grill is the Big Green Egg. They are the priciest of the lot, but they will hold steady heat. You’re very much in control of everything, and they will allow you to expand your experience in cooking other stocks. For example, they can be used for grilling turkeys, pork butts, and briskets. 

They are very heavy, and they use lots of briquets, but the surface is not very big. This means that this is ideal for you if you’re looking to do the slinging on the hotdogs and burgers if you’re having a birthday celebration in your backyard.

What to Look For

You may have noticed that there are so many charcoal grills out there, and this does not include the tabletop and cute ones. The bigger varieties that you can set up in the patio will come with various features, sizes, and price ranges that you’ll find no shortage of. Some of the pointers that may help you in buying are the following:

  • Have a Solid Construction: Look for something made of stainless steel or thick metal where it will have lesser chances of rusting. Thicker materials are going to hold the heat in a much better way. Give them a shake and make sure that there’s no chance of them getting knocked out on the ground or blown over. The heavyweight types are more ideal for this.
  • Wheels: Choose something that has at least two wheels so there will be more effortless mobility from one place to another.
  • Excellent Lids: The lid will keep the heat in check, and it should be tight-fitting.
  • Vents: Vents should be located at the bottom and the top so you can have better control of the airflow as well as the overall temperature of the meats. Learn more about the vents here: https://thegrillinglife.com/using-grill-vents-correctly/
  • Ways to add more coals: There are brands with dedicated hinged grate or door to make it easy for you to add or rearrange coals or them if you’re in the cooking session.
  • Ash Catchers: These are located in trays and bins to be easily disposed of after the cooking is done.

You can get more of the classic types that have solid builds. Choose the ones with at least a 22-inch diameter surface so you can cook lots of burgers and meats simultaneously. The vents should also be adjusted so you can speed up or slow down your cooking.



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